Soups / Appetizers

Asparagus soup with pickled unstrut char and wild herb oil

6.00 €

Eichsfelder Festtagsuppe

5,50 €

Small leaf salad with apple vinaigrette and pine nuts

5.00 €

Hot-bodied calf’s pralines with two lentils and wild herbs

9,50 €

Stirred unstrut soup with roasted asparagus, fresh mango and hazelnut mayonaise

9,50 €


Traces of the following allergens can not be excluded:
Egg, fish, crustaceans, milk products (lactose), wheat products (gluten)
Celery, mustard, nuts and peel fruits, soybeans
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


main courses

Mature “Rumpsteak” from Uruguay with fried asparagus, potato-tree cake and walnut foam

22.00 €

Juicy calf’s liver with potato-cream puree, broccoli and baked onions

14,90 €

Pink roasted duck breast with asparagus ragout and a potato tree cake

18,00 €

Soft stewed beef scoop from Bio Demeter Hof “Gut Sambach” with potato spinach and Mairübchen

18,00 €

Duet of the pig with tender cheeks and baked spring roll on pea puree

16.50 €

Fried fillets from the Unstrut trout from the organ mill Dingelstädt with braised beetroot and potato cream puree

14,50 €

Our audience favorite from the Thüringer Genussgipfel 2017 in Erfurt

Confused Unstrut char with “Fregola Sarda” risotto, walnut foam and wild herbs

€ 17.50


Vegetarian recommendation

Baked egg from the Thüringer Barthuhn from own attitude with asparagus ragout and walnut foam

12.00 €



Chocolate caramel biscuits with marinated strawberries and vanilla ice cream

7.00 €

Love of rhubarb, forestry and alpaco chocolate with forestry foam

7.00 €

Ripened cheese selection with quince sauce

9,00 €